What do you do when you get a gift and u dont have in return?

We often get in very uncomfortable situations where we get gift by someone and we don’t have a gift to give them. Purpose of this post is to know what are the reasons we are unprepared or why we didn’t buy a gift for them, what are the situations where this can happen? which excuses you make in this situation or how to handle this situation etc.
I would like to hear is this happened to you and how you have handled these kind of situations?

Is it really uncomfortable?

Well, the answer is Yes in about 98% cases, because in most cases you receive the gift from your loved ones and you feel awkward if you don’t have a gift to return. But in some cases its okay if you do not give gift in return i.e when you get gift from your parent or your boss etc.
Have you experienced this kind of situation before? How did you handled it? Lets hear it through the comments.


If we get caught in any kind of uncomfortable situations we generally try to make excuses for it. Have you made any excuses once caught in these kind of situations? If Yes please share your story?

What Do You Do When you get a Gift and Don.t Have One for return


If you arrange any party or in case if you have intuition that you might get the gift, in such cases it is better to be prepared for such occasions. But what preparation you will need ?? This is interesting question isn’t it , but you can have money gift envelopes, small pens or other stationary ready so that you can give the return gifts at last minute. I would like to know how you prepare yourself for such situations?

Your experiences are most welcome in comment section which will certainly help readers to know your point of view.

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2 Responses to “What do you do when you get a gift and u dont have in return?”

  1. himanshu says:

    Yes its really uncomfortable feeling , but after one incident I started keeping money envelopes in advance.

  2. Anupama says:

    Half the time, I am shopping for gifts for the host on the day of the party itself! 🙁

    But nowadays, I keep a bunch of money envelopes at homes, so that I can give money. Especially when someone comes after his marriage suppose, you are expected to give him a gift – money proves in handy! Coming in a well designed envelopes create good impression!


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