what to give for second wedding anniversary

what to give for second wedding anniversary or what to get for your second anniversary or which is the best second anniversary gift idea? To find answer to all these questions we will take a look at some of the second wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Cotton as traditional second anniversary gift idea

But what does the cotton second anniversary signify ,it might be as the second year complete couple become more and more comfortable with each other, so some of the second wedding anniversary gift ideas include monogrammed handkerchief on which you can write your special message., couple pillows etc. Now lets look at some of the other second anniversary gifts.

Gift ideas for second anniversary

Chocolate bouquet– You can create a beautiful chocolate bouquet with chocolate-cookies & chewy candies, or a mouth watering mix of popcorn, nuts and fruit tossed with the recipient favourite type of chocolate. You can turn a simple chocolate bouquet into an unforgettable gift by rapping it into espresso beans or a full chocolate covered coffee & pairing it with a chocolate-dipped spoon to the irresistible chocolate coated brownies & cookies. Chocolate bouquet can be mixed up with virtually anything to create an interesting second anniversary gift idea.

A coffee basket– You can prepare this basket with 4 flavours of select gourmet coffee or any other favor the recipient likes such as some chocolate stir spoons (covered in chocolate), some delightful creamers, some coffee candies, cookies, biscuits and more. To make your gift more attractive your basket items should be hand packed, wrapped & rib-boned nicely. A coffee basket can also include coffee accessories such coffee mugs. It can be a great second anniversary gift for him.

what to give for second wedding anniversary
A day of Spa– It is another ideal second anniversary gift. Buying a spa package can help the couple to relax as both of them surely deserve a break after a very hectic daily schedule.

Gifts within a gift– You can also choose to give unique gift for second anniversary which compiles lots of other wonderful gifts. You can fill up a big basket as a gift, that compile other things the couple may enjoy such as- a bottle of champagne with champagne glasses, a box of yummy chocolates, scented candles, bath salts/ massage oils, a CD having collection of all time romantic MP3.s or a romantic movie.

Warm & cozy covers– A warm and soft cozy quilt set can be another perfect gift for second anniversary. You may find beautiful printed soft quilts available in a cozy queen size with matching pillow cases, cushions and bed sheets. You may choose soothing romantic colors such as pink, blue, lavender or red.

A decorative album– You can collect the couple.s pictures prepare a decorative album to give it to them. If you have a talent of capturing good photographs, then you may even take their pictures at various occasions and then prepare your album. Wedding is the perfect occasion for compiling the couple.s pictures together. So you can take good pictures from their wedding album too. Your pictures will be more special for the couples than the shots taken by a professional-photographer arranged for the event.

Hope this helps you in finding out what to give for second wedding anniversary ??

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