What to gift a baby girl and her parents

Babies are sweet blessings of God that complete a family. A baby helps to increase the love and bonding among parents. Needless to say that it is a moment of big celebration for the entire family. A celebration is incomplete without wishes and gifts. People prefer giving cute gifts to welcome and cherish the new angel. Some prefer homemade gifts while some preferred readymade gifts. No matter which gift you choose it should be-
. Cost effective– Your gift should be budget friendly. Now a day.s market offers varieties of readymade baby gift-sets that lack attraction as well as quality. So it should be taken into account while choosing your gift.
. Personalized touch-You can choose homemade gifts and add personalized touch in it which can make the parents happy too.
. Additions are possible– All the readymade gift-sets are sold packed and no additions can be made in them. However a homemade baby gift-set can add things you want. You can also pack it the way you want.
gift ideas for baby girls

Gift ideas for a baby girl and her parents

. Baby quilt or a baby blanket
. A hat or an outfit
. Gift basket- Which includes a set of baby shampoo, powder, lotions, diapers and wipes.
. Congratulation cards- Card is an essential part of any gift. You can make it at home or buy it from the market. You can make a beautiful unique card from cardboard-paper & express your wishes and thoughts to the baby.s family.

. Flowers and bouquet- Like cards flowers are also the primary part of any occasion. The essence of flowers can make them feel happier.

. CD of nursery rhymes or lullabies.

. You can give pampering gifts to the baby.s mom which includes scented candles, books, spa supplies and foodie goodies

. Separate person dishes, bibs and feeding bottles.

. Baby furniture- It is a very useful gift because when the baby becomes 2 years old, the parents also become anxious to try to train her how to walk, sit and eat. You can buy a training or a feeding chair where she can sit & learn to do on her own.

. Colorful baby walker

. Bathing tub with some floating toys

. Interactive baby toys- Such toys can engage the baby to play with them and let the parents pursue what they want.

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