What is Raksha Bandhan and its significance

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of the Hindus which came into existence over 6000 years ago during the time of the .Indus Valley civilization. or world.s first civilization. Before stepping into the battle-field the Aryans performed-Yajnas to attain God.s blessing to win the battle. At that time their sisters tied them Rakhis which remind them their responsibilities and duties towards their family. Hence, this festival of was originated & customs were made. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on Shravan Purnima every year. The term ‘Purnima’ means a full-moon night and .Raksha. means protection and .Bandhan. means bond of protection.

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is the occasion to express deep unconditional love & bonding among brothers & sisters. Since years Rakhi has been celebrated with a great zeal in India. Sister.s starts preparations since weeks before this day approaches making it more special with beautiful rakhis, pooja thalis, delicious sweets, and special gifts for their brothers. Raksha Bandhan holds a great significance in the Indian culture and spread a message of harmonious co-existence within the society. Raksha Bandhan is also addressed as a sweet celebration.People celebrates this auspicious occasion with a great joy & fervor in the month of August or July every year. It is said that apart from strengthening the eternal relationship of love/ affection between brothers & sisters, Raksha Bandhan also encourage harmony & brotherhood in the society.

What is Raksha Bandhan

In the earlier times Raksha Bandhan was considered as a symbol of protection from evil but today it is considered as a deep bond of love, care and affection between brothers & sisters and imparts brotherhood in the society. People now a day.s celebrate it in a more contemporary style. Raksha bandhan now is not limited to siblings, but has being spread among relatives, neighborhood and friends. Pandit.s ties rakhi to their followers and get something in return in the form of gratifications such as clothes, money, foods etc. Rakhis are often exchanged among friends. Women tie rakhis to the president and the prime minister. Rakhis are tied to soldier.s wrist to remind them about their duties.

It is the occasion for family gathering, exchange of gifts, dance, music, sweets, mouthwatering foods, merry making and happiness. Apart from celebrations Raksha Bandhan is all about sentiments, love and enjoyment. People prepare for this day since weeks and buy new-dresses, place order for delicious sweets, buy special gifts for their brothers & sisters, prepare for pooja (rakhi pooja), and a lot more. The tradition of celebrating Raksha bandhan with gifts and sweets make it sweeter. Sisters tie .Rakhi. in the wrist of their loving brothers and pray to God to protect them against evil woes. Brothers on the other hand promise to support their sisters from troubles and ups & downs of life. What make Raksha Bandhan more attractive is the family re-union, joy and happiness following these rituals.

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