What gift for family and relatives first time visit to India

Gift ideas to India trip

Your first visit to India could be a big excitement for you. Exchanging gifts plays a major role during your travel to your relatives and family. It is really tough to think of a gift through which you can show your love, respect and gratitude to them and make them feel special. Now lets look at What gift for family and relatives first time visit to India

Great gift ideas to India trip

. Books– Books are the best friends for those who are intellectual. Depending upon a person.s interest and requirement you can gift them a book of their choice. For instance, a fitness book is the best gift to a fitness freak. Here are the 10 reasons why books make a perfect gift

. Cosmetic– Cosmetics are great gift for any women. Trends have changed now a day.s even males are fond of creams and gels. Hence cosmetics are great gift meant for both male and females.

. Leather Wallets– Leather wallets are in trend and are very useful gifts for all ages of men.s and women.s.

. Alarm clocks- Alarm clocks are required by everyone. A person feels great to receive them as a gift.

. FM radios– It can be gifted to a person who is fond of music. It can also be gifted to old retired people to break boredom.

. Travel games– Travel games are very useful during traveling.

. Key chains– You can even gift a key chain with the first alphabetical initial of the person.s name.

. Pen– You can gift a personalized pen to someone. You can get the name (of your friend or relative) imprinted over a pen and gift it to them.

. Photo mug– You can get your photo of both (of your friend or relative) imprinted on a mug and gift it. This mug can act as a token of love and chemistry you share.

. iPod or mp3 player– A perfect gift for music lovers and tech savvy people.

. Digital photo frame– A remember able and useful gift to someone. To make it more special you can put your photos together and then gift it.

. Jewelry and OrnamentsJewelry one of the best ways to win a girls heart. However due to its cost jewelry may bring budget restrictions at times. You can choose among varieties of options like platinum earrings, silver bracelets and gold pendant etc.

. Chocolates– If you are running short of time and getting confused about what to buy then you can even but a box full of chocolates. Chocolate is a common gift for all ages no matter male or female.

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