What do you like the most about rainy season?

Monsoon is a arrived in some places and arrived with the bang. After a hot summer season, the wait is over. So I would like to ask you what is the best thing you like about monsoon or rainy season? I would like to give you some hints or things which I like about the rainy season.

Cool breeze

The first thing we notice after a very long summer season, is the cool breeze which the rainy season brings. It makes all atmosphere cool and refreshing.

Fragrance of earth

This is one of the best thing I like about rainy season. The fragrance is unmatched with any other costly perfumes, because it just brings a joy and freshness.


greenery in rainy season

Rainy season makes all the earth green. Greenery makes your mind pleasant. Forts, lakes, roads looks beautiful during the rainy season.

Cup of Hot tea

A cup of hot tea and the rain outside what else do you want if you are fan of rain and tea. It is just the perfect combo which makes you relax and refresh.

Rain drops tip-taping

raindrops in rainy season

The sound of rain drops falling on roof or window pane have its own composition and its always unique and very energetic too.

Onion pakoda

onion pakoda in rainy season

I think this is the most exciting dish to have in the rainy season. To eat onion pakoda while raining it is a all together a different experience.


waterfall in rainy season

Waterfalls and the green mountain makes a picture perfect scene and it is really treat to watch. Waterfalls is the thing we get only in rainy season.

These are the some of the reasons which I like the most about rainy season. But I would like to know what do you like the most about the rainy season? Is it a Cool breeze, cup of tea, Fragrance of earth, greenery or any other things??

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2 Responses to “What do you like the most about rainy season?”

  1. Sushmitha says:

    Nice post with awesome pictures 🙂 It’s tough to chose between all these. I opt for all , the cool breeze, greeny look and the fragnance of Earth . They are uncomparable 🙂

  2. Bushra says:

    I enjoy everything about rain!

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