Jiangsu Yangyang Chemical Equipments Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Legal Representative: Zhu Hongzhi
Zhu Xiaohe 13805260228    
              Zhu Hongzhi13961097828
FAX: +86-523-84628599/84803613


Yang: means hold high, praise and transmission.

Yang: sun, light.

Based on chemical equipment industry, Yangyang specializes in the R&D of glass-lined equipment, and it strives to create the first band in glass-lined industry with advanced ideology and harmonious enterprise atmosphere.  

Enterprise Culture: solidarity/factualism/tenacious/explosion

Solidarity: mutual support, team spirit;

Factualism: proceed from the reality;

Tenacious: brave to face any difficulties and pressure;  

Explosion: get rid of the restriction of the traditional concept, dare to innovate and practice.

Enterprise philosophy: honesty and trustworthiness/serve the society/factualism and innovation/continuous development

Honesty and trustworthiness: to establish an enterprise with favorable credit.

Serve the society: with favorable social environment, the company will be able to develop.

Factualism and innovation: we will introduce new technologies, carry on management innovation and technological innovation.

Continuous development: core philosophy of "Yangyang" is persevere.

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