Wedding gift ideas

Apart from tradition, gift for wedding is for showing your appreciation for couple and celebrate this great moment with them.
So selection of wedding gift is important. Wedding gifts need not to be expensive but it should be selected considering the likes and dislikes of the recipient couple.

Now lets see which gifts we can consider for wedding…

1. Money as Wedding Gift

Though money seems noncreative or boring gift, still I would like to recommend it as a number one gift. Money is useful for the couple in lot of sense such as they can use it for various things such as buying a home appliance which they might need in future, save the money for some reasons such as buying a home, furniture etc. So giving money is always nice. You can give the money the in decorated envelope along with some small but cute gift.
If you are close to the couple you can sponsor some part of the wedding or part of the honeymoon expenses such as airfare etc.

2. Personalized wedding gifts

Personalized gifts are great way to spice up your gift. Now a days lot of personalized gift options are available such as photo albums, mugs , big posters etc. When you are giving a personal gift then take care of the packaging too, add it a personal touch as well. You can nowadays use various online shopping stores to get things done. Making gift baskets with these personalized gifts is also a great option.
Wedding gift ideas

3. Couple’s taste

Before buying a wedding gift, its always good to check likes and dislikes of a couple. Lets see how we can select these gifts :

If recipient couple is a :

Geek or technophiles :

Give them a small and fully feature loaded digicam which they can use in honeymoon. Now a days a lot of gadgets available such as headphone splitter etc.

Outdoor types

If couple likes to travel and nature lover, you can gift them a weekend getaway ticket or any travel gear which you think can suit them.

Coffee lovers :

For coffee lovers you can gift them either a coffee maker or you can gift them gift certificates of coffee shops, they will love it.

So the idea is just check what the couple have interest in and give according to it.

4. Gift from registry


Find out what bride and groom really wish to have, it can be expensive and most times they think that they are not going to get it. So try to arrange that gift either by self or get some common friends to chip in. Couple will surely love it.

Hope you like these

wedding gift ideas

so start preparing for your making such a wonderful gift to your loved ones.

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