Top 10 ways to reduce the clutter and organize digitally

Top 10 ways to reduce clutter or declutter.

Life has become very fast, the things we use for our day to day activities also increased which are leading to more and more clutter.
Letting go of all these belongings is not an easy task too. So lets see which things actually can cause the clutter?

Which things can cause Clutter

The things convert to clutter when we don’t need them, we don’t know how to use them or we use those very rarely or regularly used items don’t have home for them. Clutter is also result of more Stuff than space or the storage you have is not so convenient for day to day use.

Now lets see top 10 Ways to abandon the chaos and organize your digital life

10 ways to reduce clutter in your home

10. Old CDs, cassette tapes, and records

10 ways to reduce clutter
Now a days your mobile is your MP3 player, lots of digital MP3 players are also available in market. So you dont need CDs, cassette tapes, and records these days or need it very rarely. If in case you are using those its time to get digitized and get rid off the old CDs, cassette tapes, and records.

9. Say bye to paper notes

general thank you phrases for notes, speeches
Do you still use pen and paper for taking notes or make to do lists?
If you are then you need to go digital as well. There are lots of applications, extensions or addons available on many browsersm, mobile operating systems etc. Some of them include Simplenote to capture, organize, and sync all your simple text notes and Evernote, which lets you capture nearly anything into a searchable, syncable database.

Doing this digitally have lots of advantages :

1. You are saving the trees.
2. You can sync and search your notes easily.
3. You can maintain a record of your notes and to do lists and have options to benchmark or compare them.

8. Business cards and ID cards

You can easily lose your Business cards or ID card , and mess up your wallet, car, office, etc. So instead of having the business cards you can make use of online business cards or websites to show your identity.

7. Analog camera and photos

digital camera buying guide
Are you still using analog camera and printing the photos on paper? It doesnt only costs you more but also can increase your clutter. Shift to digital camera and have digital photos. Which can also be easily shared, saved and can put effects into it. Now a days you can organize the photos using cloud also.

6. Magazines, newspapers and books

10 ways to reduce the clutter
Magazines are one of the important factor in causing the clutter. We don’t want to give away magazines easily. But instead of using physical magazines, newspapers and books you can go for digital version magazines and news papers and eBooks. Now a days lots of eBook readers are available which gives you feel of reading the book.

5. Movies

Get off all your old CDS blue rays, DVDs etc because they just takes place in your cabinet, drawers or your shelf.You can stream movies and TV via services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or you can rip the DVD and all Blu-ray discs right on your hard drive for playback on your TV.

4. ATM receipts

ATP receipts also common cause of clutter in your wallet or drawer. Now most of the banks offer sms facility when you withdraw your money, if you go for it you wont need the receipt.

3. Bank passbooks , FD or Bond Certificates

Bank passbooks your FD or Bonds certificates also can be a cause of the clutter. Go for online and on demand bank statements also go for digital certificates.

2. Utility bills

Utility bills such as credit card bills, telephone, electricity bills if you get it on paper which is also a big cause of clutter. So avoid getting these bills on paper as far as possible.

1. Money

10 ways to reduce the clutter

Now a days you have lots of options available for paperless money and credit cards such as airtel money, lots of bank also offering online saving accounts, insurance companies offering online insurance plan and now a days you can buy almost everything online using netbanking.

Hope these ways will reduce the clutter and save your time, have peace of mind and have clean environment 🙂

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