Should I buy smart tv? what does a smart tv do?

There has been lot of buzz about smart tvs in the market. Now TV has become from Idiot Box to Smart one. But really what does a smart TV do and should we buy a smart TV. Lets look at some features as per specification of smart TVs, some questions in your mind and benefits of buying a smart TV.

What exactly a Smart TV is?

Similar to a smartphone , a smart TV is also consists of features which gives lots of option to the User other than just watching a TV. These smart televisions offer applications to run on TV, media streaming, Web browsing like we do on computers and smart phones, playing games and of course allow user to access Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Do I need a Smart TV?

What are the benefits of a Smart TV?

Should I buy smart TV
Smart TVs are build to give user more than just a TV, now lets see how Smart TV benefit user.

1. Applications :

There are huge number and variety of applications you can use it in smart TV. Such as social media apps Facebook, twitter etc, News apps, wellness apps, art apps etc. And these are all available on big screen.

2. Games :

With the use of smart TV you can play online games and which are mostly freely available or at low cost. This is also an added advantage.

3. Music, Movies and Entertainment :

With use of internet connected services you get lots of online radio options, online music listing sites, watch various videos channels etc.

4. Fitness Guide

Technology has changed and so do we. Lots of smart TV have fitness, health and exercise apps which can act as your personal guide to your daily exercise routine.

5. Getting Social :

Smart TV has lot of social media apps such as Facebook, twitter, Skype etc using which you can share your photos and videos from TV itself. You can do video chat with your friends and family who are away from you.

So if you think above things are useful to you then you can surely go for the Smart TVs.

Now lets see some of the questions which might be on your mind.

1. What kind of remote control it will have?

Normally remote control for Smart TV also are the Smart Remote Control As you will be using Internet on your TV and your usages include the browser, Youtube or an application that requires text input. So these remote controls are equipped with touch pad, qwerty key pad and many more features which are improving day by day as per user experience.

2. How to connect Internet to SMART TV? wifi or3G Wireless stick ?

Before buying TV the most important thing to know is How to connect Internet to Smart TV, what are the options available? Can we use home wifi internet? Which 3G wireless stick is compatible? Can we connect internet directly? All this information you can ask when you select the Smart TV.

3. What is DLNA?

DLNA is an abbreviation of Digital Living Network Alliance. DLNA allows you to stream media content between devices connected to the same home network, without having to store the content on both devices. You need to ensure your smart TV has the option of DLNA. It will help in communicating with other devices such as tablets, laptops etc. Though it is supported with almost all the companies it is called differently from different companies such as AllShare (Samsung), SmartShare (LG), Simple Share (Philips) etc.

4. What if I don’t want to sell old television?

No worries, if you have digital TV and you have bought it recently, then there is another way to get the smart TV features without having to buy a new SMART TV. Lots of companies offer devices which can convert your normal TV into Smart TV which is economical way to turn your TV into SMART one.

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