Send Virtual Gifts To Your Twitter Friends using gwitr

Sending free virtual gifts on twitter, wont believe? but this is possible. Gwitr is the free online/web app which provides this great facility to send virtual gifts to your friends or loved ones.

Choosing the gifts online was never been so easy and enjoyable, which makes the whole process fun. You can use gwitr for sending free virtual gifts to your friends as well as to your favorite twitter celebrities. To send the gifts you just need to follow 5 steps such as
send free virtual gifts to twitter friends using gwitr

1. Assuming you have a twitter account you need to just use the .Create an account. button to sign up for a Gwitr account by using your Twitter credentials.
2. Next step is you can pick the gift which you like from hundreds of exciting gifts, or you can just upload your favorite photo or photo created by you.
3. Next step is to find home for the gift which you have selected, means you need to select the gift box for the gift you have chosen.
4. Then you need to select the recipients to which you need to send the gift.
5. Once you have selected the recipients, you can attach the message with the git and shoot a gift šŸ™‚

Wow, a easy and exciting process isn’t it?

Gwitr is a really exciting way of sending gift to your loved one or friend and the best part is the gift is sent instantly.

Send free virtual gifts to twitter friends using gwitr

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