Roses and their color meanings

Probably the most appreciated and celebrated flower, the rose is the symbol of love and appreciation. It comes in various colors, each of these colors having certain meanings. How simple and beautiful it is to express your feelings by offering roses!

Red Rose

The red rose, a true symbol of love and passion, is a great choice for expressing your feelings towards someone special. This color also conveys thoughts of courage and respect and is perfect for congratulating someone.

White Rose

Purity, innocence and worthiness are best expressed when offering a bouquet of white roses. These beautiful flowers are also the emblem of loyalty and purity and therefore their 20 shades are used in bridal arrangements. From pure white to ivory, roses beautify wedding bouquets and centerpieces and bring flair, style and delicacy to every wedding.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Although in German culture they are considered to be a symbol of dying love and infidelity, yellow roses are commonly regarded as symbols of happiness and friendship. The wonderful bouquet of yellow roses can be offered in appreciation of someone.s consideration or to cheer up a sick friend.

Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Pink roses speak of admiration, joy and happiness and come in various shades, from almost white to deep colors. They can be offered on various occasions, being able to express congratulation or gratitude. Deep shades of pink are perfect for expressing gratitude, whereas delicate shades show admiration and elegance.

Lavender Rose

Lavender roses represent enchantment and are often seen as a proof of love at first sight. It is believed that the gesture of offering lavender roses can be translated into falling in love at first sight. This is the color of royalty, so a bouquet of lavender roses will transmit a message of deep admiration, telling the woman who receives it how special and majestic she is.

Mixture of red and yellow, orange roses are most of the times associated with a cross-over between the two emotions that are expressed by the previous two colors: passion and friendship. These flowers can express fascination or can convey a message of proudness. The bright orange hue means unlimited energy and enthusiasm. Powerful emotions like pride, desire or fascination are connected with this color. These vibrant and cheerful blooms are simply breathtaking. Who could find them anything less than fascinating?

Now that you know the meaning of rose colors, use the language to express your message. The person who will receive the bouquet will surely be delighted and will find this method of communication truly fascinating.

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