Return gifts ideas for kids birthday party

Arranging kids birthday party and looking for return gift ideas. I would like to share some of the return gifts you can consider for kids birthday party. Returns gifts are now become the trend and it gives lot of motivation and enjoyment to the kids.

Lets see some of the gift ideas which we can give as return gifts.

1. Pencil Boxes or geometry boxes :

pencil box return giftsKids will always love the pencil boxes and paint boxes , there are lot of options available in the market for selecting pencil boxes and paint boxes. These are available in various shapes, colors and favorite cartoon character etc.

2. Green gift

You can give a plant seed, pot, mud in plastic bag with the instructions to grow the plant. This is very nice idea and it will motivate the kids to grow the plant. Instead of seed you can directly give the potted plant with instructions how to take care of it.

3. Painting Ideas

Kids like painting isnt it? It will also helps in increasing their creativity. For this you can give coloring book along with paint box. Or you can give a pot or any other clay item with the painting accessories. Also you can give the white t shirts with paints etc to paint those t shirts.

4. Small toys or plush toys

toy for kid
Small toys or plush toys are also great options as a return birthday gifts for kids.

5. Gift vouchers

baskin robbins gift voucher return gift idea for birthday
There are lot of gift vouchers available such as baskin robbins, kidloo etc can be given as a return gift for kids birthday party.

6. For girls

For girls you can give doll making kit or beads and threads for making necklaces and other jewellery items. Girls will definitely love this.

7. Caps

You can also give the caps to the kids as a return gift.

8. Cash in an envelope

You can give 50 or 100 rs in cash in a very well decorated envelope.

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