Return gift ideas for thread ceremony

Famous writer Winston Churchill said that -we all make our living by whatever we do, but we all make our lives by what all we give to others around us. Habit of exchanging occasional gifts with friends, family or co workers have become a tradition of today regardless of age and gender. Gifts are exchanged on a special occasions and hence choosing the best gifts can make the occasion more memorable. Everybody likes to receive gifts. For many people giving away gifts gives more pleasure then receiving.

Return gift ideas for thread ceremony

. Alarm clock is one of the most useful return gift idea for thread ceremony. A beautiful clock piece can make your guest feel special.
. Teddy bear is the ideal gift for kids. A unique teddy pair can make your little guests happy.
. Lord Ganesha.s or Ganpati.s idol signifies prosperity and good luck for future.
. Goddess Laxmi.s idol signifies fortune, wealth and prosperity (pairing goddess Laxmiji.s and lord Ganesha.s idols is an ultimate gift)
. Key chain– You can give lord Ganpati.s or goddess Laxmi.s key chains. You can also choose to give personalized key chains with names or first initial characters.
Return gift ideas for thread ceremony
. Chocolates– Now a day.s chocolates have replaced sweets and are always a good alternative as a gift.
. Handcrafted purses can be given to your female guests.
. Picture Frame can also be given as return gift for thread ceremony. You can also keep personalized frames which look good on their wall and make them feel special.
. CDs & DVD.s can be given to music and film lovers. Purchasing CD.s & DVD.S of their favorite band or singer can make them feel out of this world.
. Books are best for intellectual people and one of the best return gift idea for thread ceremony as well. For instance, you can buy a fitness book for someone who is a fitness freak. You can also choose to give spiritual books like Bhagwat Geeta. Here are the 10 reasons why books make a perfect gift
. Fashion accessories for women as women love to receive fashion accessories as a memorable gift as every woman tends to put huge efforts to look presentable. You can give trendy earrings, bags, necklaces, bracelet, pair of bangles, a chain, Jesus cross etc. to make them feel special.

. Plants is one of the most environmental return gift idea for thread ceremony. Plants can be a perfect gift for nature lovers. There are different types of outdoor and indoor plants that can be gifted to someone. You can choose according to the person.s taste and preferences and your budget. For instance, Nim trees are the best outdoor gift to repel flies and mosquitoes from your home during spring and summer season. Here are some wonderful 10 Environment friendly gift ideas.

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