Indian wedding reception return gift ideas

Indian wedding reception return gift ideas

Return gift ideas for Indian wedding reception , yes return gifts… return gifts really matters because it shows warm and gratitude towards the close relatives and friends which attended the wedding reception or wedding. We will see some of the simple ideas which are easily available and relatives and friends likes it. Now lets see which are they.

1. Coffee Mug :

Yes coffee mug is a good gift in many sense, it is useful, easily available, comes in lot of varities, shapes colors. You can also personalize the cup according to the occasion. So a one coffee mug or pair of cofee mug is best choise for return gift ideas for return gift ideas for Indian wedding.

2. Bags :

return gift ideas for Indian wedding
If you are thinking about giving return gift to ladies then a good handmade handbag, potli bag, cluch are some good options. These also available in good variety and in budget. You can consider hand bags, jhola bags, bangle bags, tote bags, environment friendly bags etc.

3. Wall-clock:

Wall clock is also all time favorite idea for return gifts. Wall clock is a very useful gift and its available in lots of varities.

4. Handicrafts :

return gift ideas for Indian wedding
When you consider the handicrafts, you will see there is huge varities and types of handicrafts available in many forms in all budgets. Really a gem of a gift. You can consider works like meenakari, varli, dokra style crafts, bamboo, terracotta etc.

5. Home furnishings :

Well now a days people are so interested in this item, which is Home Furnishings. This is a great gift idea because it is useful and people like it. These include bedsheet set, cushion covers etc.

6. House ware :

This is also gift you can consider while giving return gift to ladies. There are lots of houseware type gifts you can consider such as cooking utilities, storing utilities etc.

7. Gift cards :

This is a new gift item which is quite useful because recepient can buy what he want using the gift card. There are lots of gift card options available such as apparal, grocery stores, hotels and cafeterias (food items) gift cards etc

We have seen some exciting gift ideas which you can give as return gift in Indian Wedding. But there are some things we need to remember such as following some gift etiquette, choosing the gift which people like and very important when you are buying online you must read it before processing further.

This article is in continuation with articles about return gift ideas such as return gift ideas for kids birthday party and return gift idea for housewarming.

Hope you liked this article about return gift ideas for Indian Wedding.

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