Indian Engagement Gift Ideas

Indian Engagement Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for Indian Engagement need to be chosen very carefully. Well not to worry .. lets see some cool gift ideas for Indian Engagement ceremony. Indian engagement is the prelude of the big event or step in a life which is wedding.
Normally Indian Engagements are also grand ceremonies ( not as big as wedding ) , these ceremonies often called as Mangni, Misri , Sakharpuda, Aashirvad etc. This ceremony is arranged to bring both the families together and give their blessings to couple. Gifts given at the Indian Engagement are mostly traditional, so lets look at some traditions which rules the Indian Engagement Ceremony.
indian engagement gift ideas
North Indian Traditions :

In north India, engagement ceremony is held when the date of wedding is fixed. In this ceremony, the sweets baskets, fruit baskets are exchanged between two families.

South Indian Traditions :

In south Indian engagement ceremony, the presence of bride and groom is not necessary. Its mostly to bring two families together and understand each other. A ‘tattu’ which is a engagement plate, comprised of coconuts, turmeric, flowers, beetle leaves and beetle nuts is exchanged.

Western Indian Traditions :

In Gujrati’s this ceremony is called as Sagaai, In this ceremony bride’s family arrives with Matli which is a steel container full of sweets or dry fruits for groom’s family. Matli is a symbol of acceptance of upcoming wedding.
In Maharashtrians this ceremony is called as Sakharpuda, which means a packet of sugar , and this packet is given to each other. So now we will see Sagai Gift Ideas and sakharpuda gift Ideas :

Gift Ideas for Indian Engagements :

1. Money :

Yes, money can be a good gift to give on the occasion of engagements, but when you give money as a gift, you need to gift it in a nicely decorated envelope ( mostly available in market ) and you can give it to them. Indians mostly give money as an odd number such as instead of 1000 rs it should be something like 1001 rs or 501 rs etc.

2. Gift Certificates :

You can give the spa gift vouchers to the bride which will help her to keep on toes before wedding 😉 . Also you can give both variety of gift cards about apparels, jewelery , movies etc.

3. Bridal Magazine subscription

Well it will really help the bride by keeping her updated about the latest trends .

4. Flowers :

Flowers also makes a nice gift at the engagement occasion, flowers with different arrangements will be definitely a good gift idea for Indian Engagement.

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