What to write in a birthday card

With this continuous rush and agitation of everyday life, those simple gestures of attention that we tend to forget to make begin to have paramount importance for the people around us. Spending some money to buy whichever gift comes first in your mind is simply not enough to show your appreciation for those who matter to you. Nowadays, time values a lot more than money, so think of making the birthday of your friend or family member more special by sending a birthday card with a nice message inside.

What to write in a birthday card

Writing a birthday card is easier than you think and the key to make it special is to include a personal message, to write it by hand and to mail it on time.
what to write in a birthday card
First of all, you will have to write down the occasion, so you can begin by wishing the person you write to .Happy birthday.. Then, you will continue with something meaningful, funny, inspiring or amusing. Tell the recipient how much he means to you and how much you appreciate your close relationship. If you know each other for many years, surely you have witnessed his achievements and failures. Mention those things that you appreciate and let him know how proud you are to be his friends. You can also remember your friend of a meaningful thing that happened between you two. Then, you can talk of the future, of how you imagine your friendship. Here are some examples:
.Many things change as the years go by, but you remain the same great person you have always been. I hope this day will be very special because you really deserve it!Happy birthday!.
.Happy birthday, my dear Sanjay!I hope that one day you will be able to see yourself as your friends see you. Then, you would know how important and special you are..

Also, remember that your message should be all about wishing a happy birthday. Don.t include other information, but let the message be strictly about that special day.
Let your feelings guide you as you write the birthday card! Write down your thoughts without trying to make them sound pompous. The most moving and sensitive messages are those that come from your heart.
When your birthday card is opened, it will be read and remembered and you will also be remembered. And guess what? It costs nothing more than a few minutes. Don.t you think that it.s worth it?

Hope you got the answer for What to write in a birthday card ? or what to say in a birthday card ?

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