How to buy a gift which people actually want?

What is better than buying or giving a gift to people what they actually want, its a win win situation for givers and recipients of the gifts. But is it hard to select a gift for people which they want, certainly not but you need to follow some small things to win heart of your loved one by gifting him/her what he/she exactly wants.

Now lets see how you can achieve this:

1. Do some research work :

Dont be afraid its not difficult as the word suggests. The basic point here is to do some detective work about what people actually like or want. People unconsciously tend to tell or express their interests, likes/dislikes, wish lists etc. So your work is to listen to them carefully and make a note of it. Believe me it works great and surely you will get rewards for it. So next question will be when and where to listen them, simple 1. When you are chatting , just listen carefully. 2. If you are doing shopping together , observe carefully his/her likings and make a note of it. 3. When you are watching movies or tv shows together observe which advertise excites him/her and make a note of it. if you dont get above chances then you can consult the person who is closer to the person for whom you are looking for a gift.

2. Prepare yourself

What I mean by prepare yourself is you should by an item well before the actual date when you want to gift. i.e. ideally start buy process at least two weeks before. To remember the various gift occasions get a calendar, mark on the dates , or set alarm with the date. This is important because what you want may take time to deliver if you are buying online, or it might be out of stock. Buying well before the actual date is always beneficial to get the actual product you want. Other option is stock some of the gifts there will be two advantages of it you will get it cheaply and you will have gift ready if it comes to last minute gift buying.

3. Careful selection

If you still fail in research work, don’t worry just select the gift carefully. Avoid bad gifts , gift at wrong places, to wrong person, at wrong time etc. First thing about gift is it should be non offensive. Second thing is give priority to recipients likes and dislikes not yours, i.e. dont present a gift which you like , present what they like. Third thing is avoid common presents such as photo frames, mugs etc. Instead you can gift your loved ones a gift certificates, an activity gifts such as lessons classes for dance, guitar etc, or ticket to movies, shows etc. You can also give funny gifts if recipient is seriously have sense of humor and likes humor.

These are some small points which helps us while giving the gift what people actually want. If you like this article consider sharing it, dont know you will get the gift what you want 😉

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