Gift ideas under 1000 rs

20 gift ideas under 1000 rs

We often confuse about which gifts to select. Here I would like to share some of the gift ideas under 1000 rs which you can give it to your loved ones.

gifts under 1000 rs

1. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Ethnic or formal Apparels

Apparels are the most used form of a gift. You can either give a formal or ethnic apparels to your loved ones according to their choices.

2. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Flower carnations :
Flower carnations gifts under 1000 rs
Flowers make a great gift. Give your loved one a lovely crafted carnation of flowers. They will love it.

3. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Gift certificates :

lakme saloon gift voucher gift ideas under 1000 rsGift certificates are available from lots of retailers and comes with denominations as well. Gift certificates available in lot of choices such as restaurant gift certificates, apparels gift certificates, jewellery gift certificates, malls and departmental stores certificates etc.

4. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Chocolates :

Who dont like chocolates specially received as a gift. Chocolate makes sweet and memorable gift. You can get lots of unique chocolates such as Italian chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Swiss chocolates such as Lindt Milk Lindor Cornet. You also have the options such as assorted chocolates, homemade chocolates, cookies, brownies etc.

5. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Midnight celebrations :
midnight celebrations gift ideas under 1000 rs
Now a days this gift becoming more popular. Your selected flower carnations with some chocolates/ soft toys are delivered to door step of your loved ones at midnight on their special day. You can get lots of options from 500 rs to 1000 rs.

6. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Perfumes :

Perfumes are one of the most treasured and loved gift around the world. Before giving the perfume be careful about the recipient’s likes and dislikes, recipient’s use etc. There are lots of good options available below 1000 rs.

7. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Wallet, belt or combos :
belt wallet combo gift ideas under 1000 rs
Wallets or belts makes a very practical and useful gift. You can get very good quality of wallet or belt below rs 1000. There are also options of wallet and belt combos which is also a nice gift idea.

8. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Ladies Handbag or laptop bag :
ladies handbag gift ideas under rs 1000
Handbags or bags are also very useful and practical gift idea. You can choose from lots of choices such as leather, jute etc. below rs 1000.

9. Gift ideas under rs 1000 : Beauty and Body care hamper :

This is one of the most and lovable gift trending these days. There are lots of varieties available such as facial kits, make-up kits, pedicure manicure kits, luxury soaps etc. Very nice gift.

10. Gift ideas under rs 1000 : Spa/Massage treats

This is a gem of a gift which you can give to your loved ones. This gift will give experience to your loved ones rejuvenating body and soul. Options available are abhyangam massage, foot reflexology, aroma massage, thai massage. chocolate massage etc.

11. Gift ideas under rs 1000 : Ladies watch gift set :

ladies watch gift set gift ideas under 1000 rs
There is a very nice gift set available which has one or two watch dials and multiple color strips which matches with dress color. Very nice gift for girls.

12. Gift ideas under 1000 rupees : Wall clock :

Nice trendy, designer or antique style wall clock is also a great option for gifts under 1000 rs.

13. Gifts under 1000 rs : LED T shirts :

Now a days LED light flashing tees are available which makes a great gift for them who loves new trends and who are party animals.

14. Gifts under 1000 rupees : Wine bottle

Bottle of wine is a classy gift. You can give it to your best friends, co-workers, your boss etc.

15. Gifts under 1000 rupees : Cocktail set :
cocktail set gift ideas under rupees 1000
This cocktail making set also makes a great gift. Ideal for people having home bar. This cocktail will consists of Jigger, Strainer, Shaker etc.

16. Gifts under 1000 rupees : Antique gifts :

wooden bangle stand gift ideas under 1000 rsAntique gifts also look classy and add more ethnic look. Antique gifts can include decorative items, paintings, furniture, armory etc.Wooden bangle stand is another good gift if you are looking for a gift for sister or any relative. Get the good carved wooden bangle stand which looks great as a gift also it is very useful to store bangle collection.

17. Gifts under 1000 rupees : Home furnishings :

Home furnishings can include bedsheets , pillow covers , table clothes etc. This is very useful and practical gift idea if you are thinking about a family or couple gift.

18. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Mouth Organ (Harmonica) :

mouthorgan harmonia gift idea under rs 1000Mouth organ is another great gift for music lovers. You can get high quality mouth organ in the range of 500 rs to 1000 rs.

19. Gift ideas under 1000 rs : Soft Toys:

Well if you have budget of 1000 rs then you can get very high quality and adorable soft toys. Also soft toys comes with lot of varieties such as huggables, Teddy bears , love soft toys, angry bird soft toys as gift etc.

20.Gifts under rs 1000 : Pendant for your loved one :

pendant gift ideas under 1000 rsGirls love pendant, isn’t it? You can get lots of varieties of pendants under rs 1000. This will be a very special gift for your loved one.

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