Gift ideas for the men in the range of 5000 Rupees

Gift ideas for the men in the range of 5000 Rupees

Men.s are not easy creatures on this planet & hence they are not easier to buy gifts for. However with proper thought and research it is sometimes easier to buy gifts for men.s. Majority of males enjoy practical gifts that they can use. They would also appreciate receiving conventional gifts. Apart from providing them with unique gifts you can provide them with unforgettable experiences. If you really want to make them feel happy consider giving them something that they always dream of. Lets see the some of the gift ideas for the men around rs 5000

Here are list of few Gift ideas for the men in the rage of Rupees 5000

  • Concert ticketsIf he likes to enjoy attending theater or live music you can call your local-box office to see the up-coming events in your city. You can then buy tickets for the events of his choice.


  • Beer or wineThese gifts are consumable but mean a lot to beer or wine enthusiast. You can buy a specialty brand from a winery or a brewery and give it to him.


  • A poker-setIf he loves to play cards, he will definitely appreciate a full poker-set. Poker-sets come with varieties of professional chips, decks of cards & other poker accessories. Hence, the guy on your list doesn.t have to dig through drawers to look his deck of cards whenever he wants to play. You can also choose to buy poker-sets with portable card table-tops that fit over any dining table.

  • Gadgets & new technologyWith a budget of 5000 rupees you can also consider buying an electronic gadget for the guy on your list. For instance, you can find a weather predicting machine which helps you to know the weather forecasts at any point of time. You can also choose a sonic tooth brush, a universal remote or other useful gadget of a same kind.


  • Cuff linksCuff links are considered as the most ideal gifts for males especially for working professionals. The versatility of cuff links is sufficient to complete a male outfit from outside & inside and outside. You can also choose to give personalized cuff links to make your gift special. No man will ever dislike receiving it as a gift.

Personal valet/ organizer– It can help him to keep all of the stuffs that he carries around in his man bag. A handy dresser top organizer is capable to hold everything from a mobile-phone to cuff links. It is a great way to keep everything at one place so that nothing is strewn or lost around the kitchen counter.

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