Gift Ideas for naming ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a big day during a child.s life and, if got the invitation to attend the naming ceremony, you would possibly realize selecting the proper gift for such a crucial occasion a little intimidating.

But it would not be worrisome as there are lots of gifts available in the market to suit all types of budget The secret here is to go for one thing which is able to last, and might be cherished for many years to come.

Gift Ideas for naming ceremony


Jewellery is all time favorite gift idea. An item of jewelry could be a unchanged gift which may be precious for keeps, and could be a tremendous gift. If you favor an occasion from tradition why not take into account a silver charm bracelet with a number of personal charms such as the child.s initial, birth date etc. A small golden ring also a great gift idea for naming ceremony.


Money is the great gift idea. Money not only reduces chances of picking incorrect gift but also give recipient a option to buy what he wants. So this money can be used by parents to keep in the bank and take that money out once kid grows younger.

gift ideas for naming ceremony

Personalized gifts

Now there are huge number of personalized gifts available in the market. You can choose from fridge magnets, a photo book, a photo book having collection of kid’s photos is a incredible gift idea, similarly you can have kids photo on coffee mugs, posters, notebooks or watches. These days personalized gifts have become the preferred choice.

Traditional Gifts

Some traditional gifts for naming ceremony ideas include a silver thimble, silver chain. A nice kids suit, woolen clothes for kids etc can become one of the best gift Ideas for naming ceremony.


Remember that almost all jewelry things may be individualized, as an example, with associate engraving of the child.s name. This conjointly goes for silver things like bangle boxes and spoons. Personalization adds a singular bit to a present, creating it phenomenal, therefore take into account having things individualized if it.s attainable.

These are some of the gift ideas for Naming Ceremony. Hope you find it useful.

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