Gift ideas for angry bird fans.

Thinking a gift for someone ?? If he is a angry bird lover then you can consider following gifts.
Angry bird is one of the best games on the internet now a days. Everybody including me is big fan of angry birds so I thought of listing some of the gift ideas which are suitable for angry bird lovers.

There are lots of goodies available for angry birds. Lets see whats store in for angry bird lovers in the market :

1. Angry bird plush toys

angry bird plush blueangry bird plush grandpa pigangry bird plush redThese very cute looking plush toys comes in lot of options such as blue bird plush toy, red bird plush toy, black bird plush toy, green pig plush toy and king pig plush toy. They all come with size options as 5″, 8″ and 12″.angry bird plush piglet

2 : Angry bird t shirts, caps, slippers

angry bird tshirt

There are lots of merchandise available in the market. You can choose from lot of t shirt designs, binnies, slippers etc.
This will be really nice gift someone you love.
angry bird binniesangry birds Pig Slipper

3. IPhone cases

angry bird iphone case red

Your friend has i phone and he is fan of angry bird then this is suitable gift for you. These cases also comes with lot of colors and characters.

4. Angry bird backpacks and backpack clips

angry bird backpackangry bird backpack clip Backpack and backpack clips are also available with lots of colors and designs. Which makes a perfect gift.

5. Angry bird posters, key chains, silly bands and necklace

There are lots of other options available to choose gift from such as poster of angry birds, key chains silly bands and necklace.
angry bird silly band
angry bird necklace

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