Gift Etiquette

Gift Etiquette

Gift etiquette is as important as selecting and giving the gift. Here are some points about gift etiquette I would like to share with you. Hope these etiquettes will help you to make gift sharing a memorable experience.

Gift Etiquette 1 : Wrapping the gift: )

Gift EtiquetteWe should not wrap the gifts in unlucky colors such as black and white , instead we can use red, green and yellow colors for wrapping the gift. Gift also look nice in red, green and blue colors.

Gift Etiquette 2 : Sincerity:

We need to understand while giving the gift is that what is important to recipient, I mean is it a value? no it is the sincerity, our affection is important to gift recipient.

Gift Etiquette 3 : Flower Selection :

Do not gift white flowers or frangipani because these flowers are used at funerals.

Gift Etiquette 4 : Gifts in cash :

Indians believe if we give money as a gift is should be an odd number such as instead of 10 rs it should be something like 11 rs or 51 rs etc.

Gift Etiquette 5 : Opening of a Gift :

Gift should not be opened in front of the giver. We can keep it aside until the giver leaves.

Along with above etiquettes there are some points we need to consider are
1. When we are planning to buy the gift for some one in our family, it is always better to ask them what they want or would like to have as a gift.
2. When anybody invite us for dinner or lunch, we should get a gift for them.

If you are gift at your workplace here are some points you need to consider from gift etiquette point of view.
1. Wrapping of the gift must be neat.
2. Avoid home made gifts as these might be considered as personal gifts.
3. Say no to gag or prank gifts.
4. Avoid purchasing the gifts from well known discount stores.

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