Friendship day gift ideas

Friendship day is just coming closer and no doubt you will be eager to meet your friends and have a blast. You must be planning this celebration , the events, gifts etc. As far as gift is concerned we don’t need to spend lot of money on it, just a simple but adorable gift given by a sweet gesture of caring will do the wonders and add joy to your celebration. I would like to list some wonderful gift ideas for friendship day.

1. Friendship bands :

friendship band friendship day gift A widely used and most trusted friendship day gift ever. Friendship bands comes in various varieties , designs and you can have your name on friendship bands or any message to friend. Its simple yet unique gift symbolizes your bonding with your friends.

2. Flowers :

Flowers as a giftFlowers are considered as a most conveyors of emotions and feelings, hence flowers make a really good friendship gift. A yellow rose is meant to be ideal gift for friendship day. Yellow tulips, lilies and orchids are also used in friendship day gifts but at the end you need to ensure the friend’s favorite flower.

3. Chocolates :

friendship day chocolatesChocolates can make your friendship day delicious if your friend is foodie. For chocolates you can go either for your friend’s favorite chocolate or hamper of multiple chocolates. If you want to take more efforts then better idea would be to make decorative basket of chocolates, candies, cookies etc.

4. Soft toys :

friendship day yellowSoft toys normally gift for her as girls will appreciate it. Soft toy make a cute gift. Soft toys can preserve the friendship memories. So give your friend his/her favorite cartoon character as a soft toy such as angry birds toys

5. Showpieces / artifacts :

showpiecesDecorative show pieces are also well recognized gift which we can give on friendship day. These cute show pieces or artifacts come in lot of options such as glass, wooden etc.

6. Personalized coffee mugs :

Coffee mugs with your photos, personal message will be really great gift candidate for friendship day. You can get this online , there are lot of sites available on which you can personalize the coffee mugs and gift to your friend.

7. Books, Audio CDS, DVDs

If your friend is fond of reading , then book can be a very thoughtful gift on friendship day. If you know what your friend reads generally , then you can gift their choice of books or you can give inspirational books. Any audio CD or movie DVD can also be given as a gift and your friends will love it! đŸ™‚

8. Photo frames/ albums /posters :

Photo frames/ albums/ posters also make a great gift for friendship day. You can give wonderful photo frames /albums /posters with photos which will cherish the friendship moments. These can also be available online on some sites.

9. Cakes :

Cakes , pastries also a yummy gift option . You can gift personalized cakes or your own made cakes to your friends and celebrate the moments of friendship.

10. Stationary gifts , Wallets etc.

Pen HoldersYou can give some stationary gifts such as pen, pen holder, card holders or wallets. These are the things which we need often, so before giving these gifts to your friend, it will be good if we check friend really need it or not , which color or variety he like etc.

Hope you liked list of these wonderful gifts which can make your friendship day very special.

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