Free gift ideas for any time any occasion

A gift is priceless and some best gifts are absolutely free of cost. Gift giving should be meaningful not just a formality. A gift costing thousands of rupees is of no use to the recipient if it fails to convey your love, affection and care for your loved ones. There are countless free gifts you can choose for your loved ones to make them feel special at any time any occasion. Below are some great free homemade gift ideas for any time any occasion to make your loves one feel special-

Free Gift Ideas for any occasion

1. Prepare their favorite breakfast in bed for them to make their day special.

2. Prepare and arrange special candle light dinner on the terrace.
3. Prepare a letter to tell them how special they are to you and thank them for all the special things they have done for you so far.
4. If you are good at writing poems then prepare a poem to honor them in their birthday or anniversary party.
5. Prepare a painting or a card that has special meaning to convey your gratitude towards them.
6. Make a jewelry piece out pine cones or of sea shells.
7. Fill a glass jar with sea stones and decorate it to form an attractive show piece and then give it.
8. Send a musical e-card or online greeting to make them feel special.
9. Pass on a family heirloom that has sentimental value for the recipient.
10. Leave a special message on the bathroom mirror or bed room mirror using lipstick or toothpaste.

Free gift ideas for any time any occasion
11. Prepare fudge or cookies (keeping in mind the recipient.s choice) & wrap them in a tissue paper.
12. You can send an e-mail listing out various reasons why you love them and why they are special to you.
13. Give them an old-photograph to recall the cherished memories.
14. Give them a tight hug.
15. Give them a kiss.
16. Create a recipe book containing the entire collection of your favorite recipes and then give it to them.
17. Create a calendar which includes your family.s important dates & events like anniversaries & birthdays. You can include few good family photos to make it more attractive. You can log on to the internet and use various websites that are free of cost like You can use various tools & templates to create all sorts of wonderful things.

Have you received any free gift or given any gift which didn’t cost you a penny but still priceless please share it in comment section..



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