First-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When married couple successfully completes the first year of marriage, it means they have understood each other well and adjusted things in life. Completing first year is such a big moment for them and you do not want to miss the opportunity to give them a wonderful gift and share this celebrations with them. Well, I would like to try to list some of the simple yet wonderful, practical yet amazing gift ideas for first year wedding anniversary.

Traditionally typical gift for first year wedding anniversary is a paper. So lets see which gifts can be given based on Paper idea.

First-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. The perfect first anniversary gift will be self written love letter or love poem on paper ( paper should have good quality and different texture, also scented paper will be good as well ). If you are not a great writer or its not your cup of tea then go to following points.

2. You can create bunch of red roses from paper and gift them. Decorate them with artificial leaves and give to your spouse. A lovely origami box or flower is also a great gift idea.

3. If creating roses from paper is also not your cup of tea then you can go for personalized photo albums, calendars containing memories of one year.

4. Gift a ticket. This ticket will ticket of a concert, movie, sport moment, second honeymoon, ferry rides or weekend getaways etc.

5. You can get a gift certificate to your loved ones, there are lot of options available to choose from. Look what is the interest of your loved one and gift him/her a gift certificate according to that.

6. You can give a book if your loved one is book lover. if you able to get first edition of favorite book of your loved one that will be good.

Modern gifts for first year anniversary includes a plastic related gits lets see what we can give.

7. Kitchen appliances or household appliances are the great gift for first year anniversary.

8. You also can get a stationary such as personalized business cards, envelopes etc.

Hope you find this list useful and give a memorable gift to your loved one.

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