Exciting Diwali gift ideas for this festive season

Diwali is festival of sweets, lights, gifts and togetherness. It is considered as the most pious and auspicious day by the Hindus. It is celebrated because on this day Lord Rams gained victory over Ravana. Lord Rama after killing Ravana returned home on the day of Diwali after fourteen years of exile. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) & Lord Ganesha (god of luck and prosperity) enters every home to bestow their blessings upon all of us. Diwali is a time to connect people and create social bonding among all of us by exchange of gifts and sweets.

Exciting Diwali gift ideas for this festive season

1. Dry Fruit box. Dry fruits usually are the healthiest gift for Diwali. Dry fruits can be stored for a longer periods then sweets without destroying. So even if the recipient has already received them from someone else they won.t mind receiving them twice from you.

2. Crackers– Diwali celebration is incomplete without crackers. The major scientific reason behind burning crackers is- the smoke from crackers destroys various kinds of insects, mosquitoes and disinfects present in the atmosphere.
Exciting Diwali gift ideas for this festive seasonExciting Diwali gift ideas for this festive season
3. Apparels– Everyone wear new traditional apparels on Diwali. Hence apparels are the best Diwali gift.

4. Jewelry– Jewelry is the best gift for fashion conscious females. Every women love to receive jewelry as a gift. Make your beloved ones happy on Diwali by gifting them jewelries such as bangles, ear rings, rings, bracelets, churis etc.

5. Home Decor– Hone decor gifts such as door hangings, wall hangings, shubh labh, marble and wooden or ceramic Ganpati idol, Laxmiji.s idol, antique Finish Ganesha are considered as ideal Diwali gifts.

6. Silver Gifts– If your budget is high you can also buy silver diwali gifts. You can gift Lakshmi.Ganesh murti, silver coins with Laxmi and ganpati engraved over it. Besides this you can also give crockery items & silver show pieces as Diwali Gifts.

7. Watch– Watch is all time favorite Diwali gift to people of all ages. You can choose to give a luxurious watch or any other trendy watch as Diwali gift depending upon your budget.

8. An Electronic gadget– It is a great idea for Diwali gift. It includes I pods, digital cameras, laptop, LCD/ LED, mp3 players, music players & mobile phones or smart phones. These gifts are always appreciated and are everlasting gifts which add good value to your money.

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