Exciting deals and scary conditions apply star

Now a days we find lots of offers and deals everywhere on television sets, news papers, on internet on big flex boards etc. These offers are so juicy and get our attention quickly. Though this is a marketing strategy, people also like it and currently it is trending. But there is one scary factor the star, condition apply star. Its like a black dot on the moon isn’t it? We need to be very careful to read what star wants to say and then decide to go for offer or not, is it really helpful to you or not.

So typically what really these stars say when you find following offers:

Buy one get one offer

Free Gift


Cash back offer

Fly to ####

Up to some percentage off

Flat 50% off

conditions apply

So for getting above offers lots of times the conditions apply star says :

Offer valid on selected brands and merchandise only.

Offer valid on first 100 customers only.

Offer valid on first 50 customers daily : This is quite interesting and you will find it where you were told there is a buy one get one ticket free on credit cards be careful while going for it.

On purchase of 5000 and above (It can be any amount)

Offer valid till stock last.

Cash back is in form of gift coupons.

Cash back can be redeemed on next purchase within one month.

This offer is valid for only one lucky winner and for limited period only.

Products shown are not in actual size or proportion.

Offer applicable on MRP.

These are some observations about the conditions apply star which we often see when we see any offer or discount ad in any form. It is always to be aware of those cases in order to save our time and money for opting to go for checking out those products and making it clear you get the correct offer you really looking forward too. Its nothing wrong from advertiser to show various offers like these but we should be aware of these stars to make our shopping experience exciting.

Shopping is exciting .. * conditions apply.

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