Corporate gifts in range of Rs. 500

The trends of corporate gifts are popular in many nations of the world. It is amongst the greatest ways to build new relationships & strengthen existing ones in the business world. Corporate gift ideas are also best way to express gratitude towards the loyal clients, employees & business-partners. Corporate gifts in range of 500 rupees are available in various shapes, colors, packaging, sizes & designs to suit various business needs.


List of Corporate gift items in the range of Rupees 500-

  • Coffee mugsThese are considered as an appropriate corporate gift especially for coffee lovers. You can choose to give customized coffee-mugs engraved with the company.s name or logo over it.
  • Shirts- Shirts are best suited embellished company concept & are very simple to be made & distribute. You just need to place an order for attractive collection of shapes and sizes that fits every employee. Shirt is the most preferred item to be worn that puts a lovely smile on your workers faces after receiving it.
  • Office supplies- Office-supplies to the employees & clients are great corporate gift ideas that businesses can try such as a coffee machine or a micro-wave oven, a USB flash drive etc. Such gifts ideas are highly appreciated and your employees & clients will love & cherish such gifts.Corporate gifts in range of 500 rs
  • Restaurants/ Entertainment/ Meals– Corporate lunch or a dinner to restaurant could be a surprising corporate gift. Such gifts can be easily arranged at the last minute. You can also choose to give movie tickets.
  • Concert/ Theatre Tickets/ Sporting– You can also give ticket for a concert/ theatre or sporting event. Such gifts do not require any planning and can be easily bought at the last moment with a single phone call or a mouse click. You can also create your company.s outing to a sporting event that is always appreciated
    by the recipient.
  • HatsHats are also considered as great corporate gift ideas. You can select among various choices depending upon the budget. Some of them are simple knit hats, ski hats or base-ball caps etc. having your company.s logo or symbol engraved across them. Such gifts are suitable for both men & women. Anybody can wear hats on casual weekend days & after work.
  • Beach EquipmentEverybody prefer going to the beach at some point of time in the year or to relax during the summer season. Beach equipment such as- beach towels, water bottles, beach chairs, beach balls etc. make great corporate gifts. They are not only useful, but are also helps in building brand name for your company.

Hence, you can find various corporate gift ideas in range of rs 500. You just need to move around the market to search the best gift.

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