Complete tablet buying guide.

Complete tablet buying guide.

Your step by step guide to buy a tablet … its easy šŸ™‚

Choosing a tablet :

Before buying a tablet it is completely necessary to choose a tablet according to our needs and budget. As there are huge number of tablets and their variations are available, it is necessary to look for what we want from the tablet. Lets look one by one which things we should consider before buying a tablet.
tablet buying guide

Size of the tablet :

Now a days tablets comes in many sizes but most popular sizes are 7 inches and 10 inches. So when you decide to buy a tablet first question in front of you will be whether to buy a 7 or a 10 inch tablet? Size selection is a bit trickier and dependent on your usage and what you expect from the tablet.

Size does matter

When you consider the portability, though 10 inch tablet is portable than the laptop , 7 inch tablet is more portable than 10 inch tablet. You can carry 7 inch tablet easily in your pocket,
this makes it highly portable. Also 7 inch tablets are lighter in weight as compared to 10 inch tablets.
Viewing :
As 10 inch tablet offers more visible area , it makes great feature to view pictures and videos as compared to 7 inch tablets.
Accessing data :
If you are using tablet for viewing data information such as documents, maps sheets or schematics, then 10 inch tablet really helpful.
You can type with both hands comfortably when placing a 10 inch tablet rather than 7 inch tablet, so if you require to do lot of typing just check your comfort level before buying

Operating System :

Before buying tablet selecting a operating system is important. Now there are mainly two operating systems available in the market one is Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Both OS offers huge number of applications. Those who loves look and feel and usability of Apple devices they should go for iOS and those who loves Google services such as Google talk, Google map etc they can go for Android.

Things need to consider :

So when you have decided to go for any size and operating system, its not over you need to consider few more things:

1. Price tag :

First thing we need to make sure in which price bracket we need to purchase the tablet as there are lot of tablets available with different price range. Selecting a price bracket will make less confusion and focus will be on more feature per price.

2. Connectivity :

Connectivity is a major part of your selection of tablet. Majority tablets offers a wifi and USB stick way of connecting to the Internet. Some have the sim card but these tablets are somehow expensive.

3. Resolution :

The term resolution is the number of pixels (individual points of color) contained on a display of tablet. The sharpness and quality depends upon the resolution so we need to check for higher resolution as they can support the lower resolutions as well. e.g. A tablet which supports a maximum resolution of 1280 by 1023 pixels may also support 1024 by 768, 800 by 600 resolutions.

You can find this part in specifications of tablet in section Display

4. Touchscreen:

Touchscreen for tablets comes in two types resistive and capacitive.Resistive types of touchscreens reacts to finger pressure, while capacitive type of touchscreens reacts to electrical properties of the human body.
Resistive type of touch screens are cheaper than capacitive touch screen. Capacitive type of touch screens are more comfortable than the resistive ones.

5. Ports :

Ports are really important ones because it makes your tablet compatible with other devices or we can say its the device which makes it useful to work with other gadgets. Lets look at some ports you need to check before buying a tablet :

USB (Universal Serial Bus):

USB port is very useful for copying of data from and to other device. So you should prefer USB port connectivity option in tablets. Some tablets have connectors such as a proprietary connector such as Apple.s Dock Connector. Some tablets have mini USB port which is same as USB port but small in size.

HDMI (High Defination Multimedia Interface)

HDMI port and cable is useful in delivering high definition video and sound from your tablet to another display, such as an HDTV. This is must have port for your tablet because you can view your HD video from your tablet to HDTV with some really high amount of clearity.

6. Battery

Battery makes really important choice because less tablets battery life makes tablet user experience really tiring. So review the battery section when you read review of the tablet. Now a days most of the tablets use Lithium Ion (Lithium-polymer ) Battery these battery are lighter ones and memory effect is eliminated in this battery type. Apple.s iPad doesn’t support a user-replaceable battery.
So for battery things you should consider are the stand by talk time, music play time etc.

7. Camera :

To choose the camera you should check what megapixel camera it has for primary and secondary. You can also check whether it has Touch focus, image stabilization, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, HD video features etc. But keep in mind which features you need.

8. Processor :

This is also major consideration solely depend on your use. There are lots of processors available in the market such as ARM processors which include Cortex-A8 , Cortex A9 processors, x86 processors which includes Intel Atom N Series, AMD Fusion E Series etc. Number of cores for processors is also a very important consideration because having multiple cores help speed up a single task, with use of multitask it makes application usability much faster. Having multiple core processors can also consume power, so keep an eye on it too.

9 .Miscellaneous Features

Also you can check various features while buying a tablet such as does it have Document viewer/editor, does it supports wide variety of audio and video formats, which applications it supports, radio, organizer etc.

Also it is advisable to make a small rough table of specifications which you think are important in your perspective and use it to compare various types of tablets.

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