Jiangsu Yangyang Chemical Equipments Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Legal Representative: Zhu Hongzhi
Zhu Xiaohe 13805260228    
              Zhu Hongzhi13961097828
FAX: +86-523-84628599/84803613


Hello everyone!

Thank every friend for your attention to Yangyang; because of your understanding and trusts, cares and supports, Yangyang experiences steady development.

First of all, please accept the sincerest wishes from me and all the staffs! When you open our website, it is the beginning that we become friend and partner.

Our company was founded in October 1964; Yangyang has been focusing on glass-lined industry for fifty years; up to now, we have occupied have a pivotal position in terms of scale of company, manufacturing technology, production capacity and sales quantity; our company's survival and development affects the pulse of entire industry. We dare not slacken; Yangyang will, as always, firmly establishes the scientific concept of development, takes national industrial development outline as basis, improves the market competitiveness of enterprises, and contributes to the enhancement of our city's economic strength! At present, we have thousands of users in China, and some products are exported to Thailand, Japan, Hungary, Korea, South Korea, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and so on. Yangyang works hard to provide better quality products for domestic and foreign customers. I and my colleagues will be diligent and persistent, swear to adhere to this goal.

We are willing to join hands with all the friends, work together to create a better future!

Chairman: Zhu Hongzhi

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