Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal shower etiquette

Before looking at bridal shower etiquette, lets see what bridal shower is. Bridal shower is gift-giving party for to be bride for her wedding. Now suppose your loved one, friend, relative is engaged to get married there are lot of questions come in mind about bridal shower etiquette.

Now lets see the bridal shower etiquette questions or answers one by one :

Bridal shower etiquette

1. Who can host bridal shower :

Old traditions shows that bridal shower should not be hosted by immediate relatives. These relatives could be mother of bride, sister of brider or future mother in law of a bride. Why is that ?? answer is simple they are partner in bride’s gifts 🙂
Then who should host the party, friends of couple, relatives of couple can host the bridal shower.
Hosting etiquette :
1. It will be good etiquette if we appoint one greeter who can wecome the guests.
2. The greeter will be very important as he will make guest comfortable by helping them to find the refreshment, place to store belongings and importantly making introduction with other guests.

Along with above things, a venue of bridal shower also should be carefully selected.


Bridal shower etiquette

2. Invitations :

Invitations plays very important role in bridal shower etiquette. For fixing the bridal shower schedule its preferrable to consult brides time schedule. Once you fix the date, get the list who will be the invites, you may consult with the bride too.
Bridal shower etiquetteThe invitees time and availability also should be taken into consideration. The invitations should be sent well in advance such as before a month or 5 weeks. Choosing the right invitation card from un ending options also critical , nowadays snail mails can be replaced with emails too. Only thing is a person invited for shower is also invited for weddng too.
Inviting same guest for more than one shower is not considered as polite. Sisters of bride and groom should also be invited for bridal shower party along with groom’s family members.

For invitation card, you should not include gift registry information on the invitation card. The invities who lives far, these invities should be acknowledged with an invitation.

Bridal shower etiquette

3. Traditions and themes:

Now a days for bridal shower groom and his family members are also invited. Though this celebration is quite feminine now men also participate in bridal showers.
Old tradition of not have bridal shower for second time bride is now disregarded.
Traditionally bridal shower etiquette is to tread bridal shower as surprise, but now a days because of large number of bridal showers and bachelor parties need to consider the time schedule of couple, so bridal showers are arranged on comfortable dates to all.

Now a days some bridal showers have various themes to which attendies should be adhere too. There are lot of themes such as candy themes, cooking themed showers, sport showers etc.
Also for giving gifts on bridal shower , gift etiquette should be followed as per bridal shower etiquette.


Bridal shower etiquette

4. Thank you cards :

Thank you or saying thank you is often considered as good bridal shower etiquette. You should always have thank you card ready when gift is given. A small gift card or small return gift makes certainly a very good bridal shower etiquette.


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