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If your friend, closed ones are big fan of tennis , here are some autobiographies of some greatest tennis players I would like to share for you. These stars are all my favorite and no ordering is done.

Open An Autobiography by Andre Agassi
This is an Autobiography of my all time favorite tennis player Andre Agassi. This is very well written biography of Andre Aggassi about his achivements ,conflicts and perfectionism. Really must for a gift.Open-An-Autobiography

A Champion’s Mind by Pete Sampras
a champions mind pete samprasPete Sampras is surely one of the greatest and successful tennis player ever. This book is great inspirational source for all the tennis aspirants. Great candidate for gift.

The Roger Federer story
A great Swiss tennis star biography comprehensively covers his life from his early days at junior circuit to his professional career and his winning of major grand slams. It also includes exclusive interviews with Federer and his family. Certainly a great and inspiring gift to buy.The Roger Federer story

Getting a Grip by Monika Seles
A really true inspiring biography of a so aggressive, unstoppable tennis superstar of all time, Monika Seles a really a great example of all tennis aspirants. The books talk about her journey of life and tennis, her determination towards tennis also her injury and comeback. Really this also make a great gift material.getting a grip by Monika Seles

Rafael Nadal by Tom Oldfield
Rafael Nadal by Tom Oldfield
Biography of Olympic gold medalist and grand slam champion. This book truly inspirational showing the path to success. Every Rafael Nadal fan will love this for sure. A must read book for finding real success isnt it?

On the line by Serena WilliamsOnTheLineSerenaWilliams
Serena Williams is a great inspiration for all the tennis followers, players and fans. Her hard work and talent make her a true champion. Book elaborates her strength and determination which drives her to the perfection.

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