Birthday gift ideas for Kids

1. Books :
books for kids
When you are considering the gift for Kids , books stand apart, isnt it? You can have lot of options available such as poems, fictions such as Harry Potter, comics, story books, coloring books, puzzle books, knowledge books, autobiographies etc. You can also consider gifting the complete collections or boxed set of books such as The Chronicles Of Narnia, Harry Potter.

2. Gift certificate or gift vouchers :
Gift vouchers are also a great gift option for Kids for birthdays. There are lot of options available for gift certificates such as first cry gift certificates or kidloo gift certificates.

3. Wrist watches :
Wrist watches for kids
Kids like wrist watches isn’t it? And no wonder there are huge collection of kids wrist watches available in the market. Just check color, cartoon or theme and select the wrist watch. No wonder it will bring smile on face of kids 🙂

4. Few Hours Out

Another great option of giving gift to kids to take them out for some time. And no doubt places include like movie theater, ice cream parlour, theme park, etc. Kids will definitely love it and enjoy it.

5. Toys or Dolls
Toys and dolls are all time favorite gifts for Kids. So these must be included in the birthday gifts as well, isnt it?
Here as you have lot of options available such as soft toys like plush toys, Puzzles , board games, remote controlled toys, vehicles such as train, buses , dolls and dollhouses etc. So choose carefully what kid likes most of them and then go for selection of toys.

7. Wall clocks

Wall clocks also a good choice for giving gift for kids. There are huge amount of variety available to choose from.

8. Apparels and shoes :

Clothes and shoes also are the best gifts to be considered for gifting. Clothes can be t shirts, tops, shirts , jeans, caps etc.

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