Best gifts you can give for grandmother

Grandmother holds a special place in everyone’s life. Children.s know them better while growing up as she is like a best friend of her grandchildren. Grandmother living healthier & longer is an important part of any family because she is the root of the family tree. The ideal way to express your love, care & affection to your Grandmother is through gifts. Market offers number of gifts. But gift ideas for Indian grandmother must be selected with utmost care as she holds a special place in our lives.

Best gifts you can give for grandmother

Here are some great grandmother gift ideas as she deserves the most unique gifts in the world

Personalized family tree

It is a great gift idea for grandmother as it can help her to bear in mind all the family members. It can be made on a wall or in the things. You can use a lot of pictures of family members with her. This is because pictures can help old aged people to recognize their family as they forget old reminiscences sometimes. Hence a beautifully & creatively designed family tree would work best. However scrap-book projects are also great gift ideas because it can help you to display time line of important occasions together with her.

Vacation with the household
All grandmothers are very special as they work hard during their adult years & face the hardships of life. When they reach in the later years of their life they do not have the luxury of visiting the places they want to visit. Hence it always better to provide them a vacation with the household so that she can spend some quality time watching some beautiful places she has never been before. It can also help to break the monotony as old age people doesn.t have lots of work to do.

Multiple candle holders
It is a very beautiful gift especially when the wax is the scented type as some scented wax candles are really helpful in relaxation & meditation & are highly preferred by old people.

Window box planter
You can gift her most favorites when she was a young lady. For instance, if she is fond of gardening, an eye port box planter can be given to her. She can hang it up outside her room window. Whenever she look outside the window she can see her favorite flowers.

If your grandmother is fond of dressing up at various occasions. You can even buy for her a dress or a saree of her favorite color to make her feel special.


If your budget is high you can even consider buying for her silver, gold or diamond ring or a pendant or an ear rings to make her look out of this world. Here are the 10 reasons why Gold jewellery can be best gift idea

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