Are you saving money from shopping online in India?

Shopping online is a new trend and it is growing fast.Internet shopping is convenient, it has more discounts, more access to large number of products in less time than compared with offline retailers for those these things are not possible. But are you saving money while shopping online in India? I would like to share some of the ways you can save money by using online buying option.

How to save money by using online buying option?

1. Comparison is the key

There are dozens of shops that can be trusted in India so it is not possible to check each product on each site. But don’t worry sites such as , and can give you option of comparison shopping. These sites aggregate the pricing of the products around and you can easily compare the rates and choose which buyer you should approach. So before buying comparison can save you at least 10 to 20%.

2. Explore for coupon code

Coupon codes are basically codes which can give you some amount of discount for a particular day time occasion or product. But where to get these codes first option is

1. Just Google for coupons
2. Check ads on the blog or websites you are browsing, these ads lot of times contain coupon code for limited time.
3. Sites like and have collection of running coupons.

Getting coupon also can save your 10 to 20% of money.

save money by shopping online

3. Buy discounted gift cards

Buying discounted gift cards is also a very nice options to get what you want in less price. Many sites these days offers heavy discounts on gift cards which are available at discounted price. Generally you can find more discounts on more specific shopping online sites than the big ones which has huge number of products.

4. Cash back

Cash back is also a great option while shopping online. You can see many shopping sites offers 10 to 25% cash back or more for variety of products.These cash backs can be in form of money or discount coupons for next purchase.

These are some of the ways in which you can save money online, if you know any other options or the fifth one then please add it in comment.
Also share which option you opt to save money while shopping online?

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