8 Google search tips for travelers

Now often we use Google as our guide, isn’t it? So many times when we travel we often use Google to find information about place, time and currency etc. So I would like to share some of the simple but very useful Google search queries which will definitely help you when you are travelling or have plan for travel šŸ™‚

Google search tips for travelers

Find top tourist attractions in city

If your are not sure about what to explore in any city while travelling, Google has best search query option just for you.

Keyword : Things to do in City_name

Example things to do in mysore city


things to do in pattaya

Similar to cities you can search tourist attractions of country too, just replace the city name with country.


Find sunset/sunrise timings in a city

If you want to know sunrise and sunset timing of any city you need to just type sunrise kolkata or sunset kolkata to get sunrise or sunset timings.

Keyword : sunrise city_name

sunset/sunrise timings in a city

Find weather in a city

When you are travelling weather is important factor, if you want to know weather of any city just type city name weather in Google search.
Example kochi weather

Keyword kochi weather

Find weather in a city

Currency conversion

If you want to convert currency from one currency to another then just type currency currency_name_1 to currency_name_2
e.g. currency yen to rupees

Currency conversion google search

Find distance between two cities

If you want to find distance between two cities just type distance between city_name1 and city_name2

e.g. distance between cochin and alleppy

Find distance between two cities

Find current time of city

To find current time of any city we just need to type time city_name
e.g. time ooty

Find time in a city

Find flights to and from

To find flights to and from you need to just type flights from city_name to city_name
e.g. flights from Mumbai to Delhi

Find Local Attractions

If you want to find any local attraction like museum then
type museum in Google search box and click on Search Tools below the Google search box , there you can change the location where you want to see the museum.

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