7 ways you can save money on movie tickets

As movie tickets are getting costlier day by day, I thought of writing some of the ways which we can actually save the money we spend on movie tickets.

Ways to save money on movie tickets

1. Go in the afternoon

As the day progresses, the tickets cost increase more and more. If you manage to go to the movie in the afternoon then you can actually save around 30 – 50 % money on movie tickets.

2. Go to movies on weekdays

I know its not feasible to go for a movie and enjoy it during our very busy weekday schedule, but if you take some time out and manage to go for movie on weekdays then also you can save 20 -30 % money on movie tickets.
save money on movie tickets

3. Buy tickets at box office

Buying a ticket online is convenient right? But generally it takes convenience charges with the movie tickets. But if you plan early and movie theater is nearer to you or on the way then you should think of buying a ticket at box office. This will certainly save your 10% on movie tickets.

4. Check your credit card for discount

Your credit card could act as a discount pass when you want to purchase movie ticket. Credit card now offers lot of discounts in form of cash back, buy one get one (be careful while going for this one) etc. Check your cards gives such discounts and save the money.

5. Eat beforehand

In big movie theaters you can find the popcorn and other snacks almost four time costlier than outside. So eat beforehand and save money on snacks.

6. Skip 3D if it is not required

Read reviews and check is 3D version of the movie is worth watching, unless it is worth watching you can save extra perks you are paying for watching 3D version.

7. Checks for discounts

You can get discounts from lot of places such as

Sites like freecharge which is for mobile recharge offers discount coupons when you charge your mobile/ digital tv etc.

Deals sites such as Groupon offers discounts on movie tickets.

Listen to the radio, they run lot of campaigns which gives couple movie tickets on weekdays.

Hope you like this article and help you to save money on movie tickets.

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3 Responses to “7 ways you can save money on movie tickets”

  1. the little princess says:

    liked ur post, but why do u say ‘be careful while going for buy one get one free offer’ on credit cards? is there a catch? I use this feature on my card, so let me know what the trap is…

    • pranav says:

      Buy one and get one offer is really a tricky one …
      this offer many times available on certain number of tickets such as 100 or 150. So it depends upon your luck to get those tickets 🙂 So be clear while purchasing new credit card for such offer.

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