5 things to consider while buying roses

Buying roses can be very exciting but it is very important to consider certain facts before making your purchases. If you want to gift a rose for a special person, it is important what to look for. Also if you have your own home garden what to look for. We have tried to share some the points here which will help you consider while buying a rose or rose bushes. Everybody wants their rose bushes to continue look beautiful till years in their yard. One of the best ways to own a happy and a healthy rose garden is by making good informed decisions about the bushes you are planning to buy. Now let.s see 5 things to consider while buying roses :

5 things to consider while buying roses

1. The Season

Generally you can plant your rose-bush from spring season to fall season. But the best time to plant is the early spring season and the late March or early April month. Rose bushes with bare roots should be planted before any new shoots begin to develop which can give your plant enough time to establish its roots before the winter season arrives. So season is one of the most important things to consider while buying roses.

2. The Yard

You should decide in advance where your bushes are going to go before you purchase them. Roses do their best in full-sun. They just require minimum 6-hours of sunlight each day to resist disease and pests. You should consider choosing an area in your yard that has morning sunlight, well drained soil along with few competing plants/ trees. These plants/ trees will compete with your rose-bush for nutrients & water. It is important to note that your roses should not be shadowed by fences, tall trees and buildings.

things to consider while buying roses

3. Your Skills

Some roses are known for their great fragrance while some are known for their beautiful blooms & others are known for being very hardy. In case you have nil experience with roses you should consider buying Knock-outs. They are specific variety of rose-bush which require no maintenance & are exceptionally hardy in nature.

4. Different color’s of roses

. Red roses
. Pink roses
. Yellow roses
. White roses
. Black roses
. Blue roses
. Orange roses
. Lavender rose
You can choose the color of your rose bush depending upon your preferences. Each rose color has its own expression if you want to know more about the roses colors and there meanings check this. Roses color is also one of the most important things to consider while buying roses.

5. Pruning Roses-

Some people are contour their rose-bushes with different sizes and shapes which looks flawless throughout the year. This is possible with the help of pruning. Pruning helps to maintain strong and healthy bush to produce large number of flowers with strong stem in your yard. Pruning eliminates diseased, dead & damaged canes to ensure healthy growing plant. In this process a gardener removes canes from the center pint of the plant to improve free flow of air.

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