5 products which are getting cheaper and better day by day.

As the days are changing , the technology too. Due to change the technology and competition lot of innovation is being done on product, due to rapidly changing products and fast manufacturing some of the products which you might consider for gifting are getting cheaper and better day by day.
So for those people who are complaining that prices are increasing or in misconception that price is increasing , I would like to list some of the products which price is dropping. Now lets see which are these products.

1. Smart phones :

There is huge demand for smart phones every where. Now almost everybody want to have a smart phone as it gives lot of other features other than just talk and sms. Due to consistent innovation, huge demand and large scale production smart phone prices are really dropping by. So if you want to gift smart phone to your loved one there is no good time than NOW.

2. E Book reader :

Now everything going e way , books are also part of it. There are lots of e book reader available in the market today and most of the books are now being converted to e books which increasing the demand of e book reader. Also this makes are perfect gift for book lover or who likes to read a lot.

3. Tablet :

Now you can think of tablet as a gift because there are lots of tablet around to choose in market. Due to competition and demand , we can see the tablet prices are also dropping. So add this in your gift list.

4. Televisions :

In this digital world, now almost are converting from old CRT television to LCD or LED televisions there is huge demand for new types of television , as new innovation, new types are coming in quick time we can also see the prises dropping by.

5. Apparels, shoes etc:

We can see price drop in this section also , you can get lot of good apparels at good price or discounted price. So this also makes a perfect gift.

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