10 ways to make friendship day memorable

Some people plan friendship day well in advance, while others make last moment decisions. Some of them know exactly what they want for that day, but others are undecided. Regardless of the category you fall into, remember that this is the perfect day to prove your love and care for your friends. Here are 10 ideas on how to make friendship day memorable.

1. Set a theme for your party

If you have a lot of friends and you want to celebrate this special day with all of them, you can organize a party. Add a special note by setting a theme that will make this occasion out of the ordinary.

2. DIY presents for friendship day

Send beautiful cards to all of your friends, together with a little treat. Think of baking some cookies and wrapping them nicely.

3. Friendship bracelets

Your friends will surely be happy to receive friendship bracelets, designed especially for them.
10 ways to make friendship day memorable

4. Offer something that brings back memories

Remember your closest friends who much they mean to you by offering old photos that show your long-term friendship.

5. Make a dedication

Dedicate a special song to your special friend through a popular radio. These small gestures mean a lot to people, who remember them in time.

6. Make a poster

Use photos with you and your friends to make a friendship poster. Decorate it nicely and write down special messages for your friends.

7. Make a friendship website

A friendship website will contain photos and messages that mean something to you and to your friends. This isn.t a common idea, so you will have all chances to impress them and a great advantage is that this website can be improved and new photos can be added afterwards.

8. Make a special CD

Offer your friend a CD containing those songs that define your friendship or songs that you both like. Personalize it with a photo with the two of you.

9. Do something that your friend likes

On friendship day you have to prove how much your friend means to you. Even though you don.t really like a certain activity that your friend loves, now you can make an exception and you can spend some time with your friend doing something that you don.t usually do.

10. Take pictures

Don.t forget to take as many pictures as possible. Maybe they will be useful next year!

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