10 very interesting abbreviations you may not know

We all know an abbreviation is a short form of any word or phrase. But some of the abbreviations has become part of our day to day life. We consider them very important words and speak often, isn’t it? I would like to share some of such words or abbreviations which we use often but do not know its word or phrase. You might be knowing some of these abbreviations. I found these abbreviations very interesting so thought of sharing these with you. If you know other than these abbreviations then please share it in comment section. Your comments are most welcome.

10 interesting abbreviations
Now lets see 10 of these very interesting abbreviations :

1. TEA

Taste And Energy Admitted

When we consider it in a chat it will be
Tomorrow and Everyday After


Sweet Memories In Lip Expressions

This one is my favorite, the phrase itself brings a smile on our face.

3. BYE

Be with you every time.

This is also a very interesting abbreviation, when you consider it in chating then it become

Between Your Ears


North East West South

This is very interesting abbreviation too because it includes all the main directions. Another religious phrase for this abbreviation is New Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Services


Dare I Eat This



Energy And Taste


Joy Of Kids Entertainment

This is also my favorite one. I was not aware of it, what a joke?

7. PEN

Power Enriched in Nib

This is also a great abbreviation of our companion for so many years.


Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers

This abbreviation I found more interesting than playing chess 🙂


Joint Photographic Experts Group

Every photo has its meaning, isn’t it?

10. COLD

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

This is some serious abbreviation!!!

These are some of the abbreviations I found very interesting , if you know more of these please share it through comments.

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