10 Tips for making online shopping happy and secure

Online shopping tips

Now everything is a click away , isnt it? So why not shopping? Shopping online is a latest trend, and become more and more famous way of buying the range of products online, from electronic gadgets to artistic furniture, from apparels to expensive jewelry, or buying a beautiful gift for your loved one isnt it? Its all a click away, but is it secure? does the product is genuine? Does seller have reputation? there are lots of questions which makes online shopping experience little risky, but using some ways we can avoid the risk and enjoy the shopping.

1. Secure Environment :
When you go out shopping, you choose safe place such that you can carry the money or products safely. Similarly when you buy online, you need to be alert where you are doing transaction of your hard earned money. So first thing is check your PC / Laptop/ tablet / mobile phone are up to date with well known antivirus solutions. This will protect you from the spywares, malwares and viruses from stealing your valuable information.

2. Secure Access :

This is also a important aspect of security, as transaction involved entering credit card details , bank details etc.
So you must check that while doing transaction browser URL must start with https, it means a secure http connection from where you are doing transaction. Non secure pages starts with http while secure pages url starts with https. Nowadays web browsers have larger certificate windows which are easier to identify.
online shopping tips

3. Credit Cards or Debit cards :

We always confuse which form of cards we can use while buying online, but Credit Cards are slightly more secure than direct use of debit cards. In case of debit cards money is directly drawn from your account, whereas for credit cards it is not the case, its a extension of credit. Now a days credit card companies offer virtual credit cards which can limit online one transaction per credit card.

4. No personal info via Email :

You must not send any personal details such as passwords, bank details, credit/debit card details via Email. Also it is not advisable to open the links from email and do the online shopping unless you know the mailed eCommerce site.

5. Know the seller :

When you do normal shopping you prefer to go to the seller which you know, but when it comes to online shopping seller is unknown. Try to know the seller as far as you can. But how to know the Seller. There are some ways available to know the seller such as do some research work using any search engine, check some popular review sites and their rating. Also Ebay has facility to know the seller such as you can see seller as power seller or positive feedback about seller etc.

6. Check return policies :

Return policies are extremely important when you shop online because there are chances that you do not get the product as you want such as size, color, defect etc. So check return policies of the merchant. Some online merchant allowed free return for some period of time.

7. Know the product :

What I mean by knowing the product is understand what exactly the product is. Sometimes the product image differs from the exact image of the product. Check the version of the product and product description is sufficient to know all the features. Confirm that you are buying the same product which you want to purchase.

8. Check for the bargains :

tips for online shopping Before buying the product online, the prices can be vary depending upon the discounts and offers. So check the prices on multiple shopping sites before making final purchase. Also check some of the shopping sites gives some shopping credit for first purchase so use it carefully. Also check for free shipping or there any shipping charges applicable.
But on the op of this, you must know the real price of the product.

9. Read Privacy Policy :

Reading privacy policy helps in understanding the rules and know the merchant. You should know the information such as how Seller will be using our personal information, will it be secure or not, product insurance policies (if applicable).

10 Leave Feedback :

When you buy something, please do first thing give feedback about your shopping experience. Also when you read any review about any product, please mention whether you found it useful or not. Leaving feedback helps in many ways for other people to understand and know the product and merchant. And for Merchant also, it is beneficial to give buyer better service.

These are some small things to keep in mind when you do online shopping, which will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

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