10 things you should know before buying a digital camera

Digital camera buying guide

As festive season is approaching and you need lots cameras in store with lots of options, features and big deals, but in this article we have mentioned some points which you should consider before buying a digital camera.

1 . Use of the the Camera

Before buying a digital camera, it is important to know how you are going to use the camera.

Casual and recreational :

If you want to use the camera for just taking photos on casual occasions or want to take photos of your pals for capturing the moments and use it for social media purpose , then a basic semi-compact, point-and-shoot camera is probably good enough for you.

Traveler :

If you love to travel and love to catch the nature in your camera, then a high-end compact camera or a budget DSLR with good optical zoom is best for you.

2. Zoom is more important than you think

When buying digital cameras, optical zoom is more important than digital zoom. You need to concentrate more on optical zoom than not digital zoom.

Focal length and Zoom factor

Zoom factors for digital camera often described as 3x,4x, 5x or 7x on the packaging. But you should always look for the focal length property.The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus, usually it is described in millimeters such as 28 mm, 35 mm etc.
Now lets take an example, if you have zoom lens with focal length 20 mm-50 mm, then you can get the widest picture angle at 20 mm and you can get smallest picture angle at 50 mm. Suppose you want to use camera for for taking landscape photographs, you should opt for less focal lengths such as 10 mm , but if you want to take snaps of larger distances then go for big focal lengths such as 100 mm 200 mm etc
digital camera buying guide
A zoom lens with a focal length of 18.55 mm offers the widest picture angle at 18 mm and the smallest picture angle at 55 mm. If the only lens available is an 18.55 mm zoom lens but you want wider angles.say, for landscape shots.you should buy a lens that offers focal lengths shorter than 18 mm, for example, a 10.24 mm lens. If, on the other hand, you want to photograph at greater distances, you should choose a lens that offers focal lengths longer than 55 mm, for example 55.200 mm.


Megapixels play important role when you want to see image bigger. Normally 7 to 10 Megapixels are sufficient enough but lot of digital camera offers 14 megapixels in normal budget phone.

4. Battery

Battery plays very important role and you should carefully select the type of battery you want. Now you can get rechargeable AA batteries or proprietary batteries with the camera.

Selecting a battery for digital camera

Normally lithium-ion rechargeable batteries last the longest, but if you’re out for a travel where you don’t find anything for recharge then you might need camera with standard AA batteries. So it is recommended that get a camera that interchangeably supports rechargeable batteries and long-life disposable batteries.

5. Extras are important

Extras means accessories you are getting with your digital camera. Often you find retailers or shoppers will give you a bundle of such extras or will at least give a discount. But these accessories are important such as Camera Case, memory card, spare batteries, charger etc.

6. Ask yourself why you need the camera

You can ask some questions such as
1. What is your budget?
2. What type of features are you looking for basically long zoom, image stabilization, large LCD display, looks etc?
3. Your experience level with the camera. etc.

7. Reviews makes thing clear

Reading reviews is very important because you come to know the experience of the user while using the camera. So do some research, read reviews, watch reviews on you tube, check picture quality etc while reading the reviews. But be aware of the fake reviews.

8. HD video

Now a days you can capture high quality videos, so make sure you have 720p or 1080p resolution while recording on camera because both resolutions shows recording with very good quality.

9. In store test drive

Seeing is believing, so I recommend and it’s actually worth checking out the camera in your nearest good camera stores, try some cameras you have shortlisted. This is very important for following reasons
1. To get the feel how camera sits in your hands.
2. Placing of the buttons.
3. How long it takes to start up the camera.
4. Actual picture quality.
So trying before buying is very essential.

10 . Comparison of prices

You should always compare the prices with different stores and try to bargain to get the best deal. While doing it do no compromise on warranty, service and useful accessories.

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