10 simple ways to save money on petrol

As petrol rates are increasing day by day and our bike/cars fuel average is going down and down, I thought of writing this article about some petrol saving tips which ultimately save the money.

Now lets look at one by one by using very simple things we can save money on petrol.

1. Tyre Pressure :

Check your tyre pressure, yes you need to check the tyre pressure frequently. Under inflated tyres cause more resistance while driving which ultimately affects fuel average. Ideal inflation pressure can be found on user manual or its written on your bike or car. If you maintain the tyre pressure adequate then you will really see the difference in fuels use which ultimately save money and petrol.
Save money on petrol
2. Control on acceleration :

Many of us have a tendancy to do acceleration of the bike or car where it is almost not necessary. If you are waiting for the signal to get green or you are accelerating the bike or care where you find need of immediate braking then it is total wastage of fuel.

3. Correct gear matters :

Yes when you are driving , drive in correct gears. Some cars provide tachometers which indicate when it is necessary to change the gears. When we change the gears correctly, fuel consumption drastically comes down.

4. Lighten your car or bike :

Weight on car or bike helps in more fuel consumption. So avoid any rarely needed storage boxes on bike, do not full your bike’s or car’s tank which also cause increase of weight. Declutter your car , take unnecessary things out , take roof rack off if you need it rarely. More lighten the car more fuel save.

5. Take care of your vehicle :

If we take care of vehicle then it will work smoothly, isnt it? So service the car regularly. Check any minor problems fix it as urgently as you can. This will certainly help in saving fuel. Clean up air filter regularly.

6. Use AC sparingly :

If you use Air Condition of your car frequently then you need to think twice. Use only if it is needed. Otherwise it will use fuel almost 20 % more than when you do not use air conditioner.

7. Anticipating traffic :

Anticipating traffic is very important to avoid urgent use of breaks or lower gear. When we anticipate the traffic in advance then our bike or car goes smoother avoiding unnecessary breaks or lower gears helping to save 10% fuel. Maintaining sufficient distance while following other bike or car also helps to anticipate the traffic clearly.

8. Use thinner tyres :

Some people for just sake of fashion , change the tyres of the bike or car with more broader tyres. These tyres provides lots of resistance causing more use of fuel, so use thinner tyres.

9. Have economical options for fuel :

Now there are lots of options available such as CNG, LPG gas or electronic fuel options which makes driving much more cheaper.

10. Use Credit cards :

When you fill up your tank, then use credit cards. There are lot of credit card companies give lots of offers such as reward points etc.

Hope these points on saving money from petrol will help.

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