10 reasons why books make a perfect gift

I think books are perfect gift.. so I am trying to figure out the reasons why books are perfect or great gift idea.

1. You can give gifts on any occasion, to anyone, at any time. This makes books a very compatible gift isn’t it?

2. Books come in all moods, all varieties, all languages, all readerships, for all ages.

3. You can easily gift wrap the books than many other gifts such as football, sports equipment etc.

4. Books never come in the wrong color, size/shape or style, you can select a perfect gift for a person easily just by knowing his/her liking. From self-improvement to fiction, from philosophy to how-tos, from sports to movies your chances of picking a book the person will like is almost 100% so just relax and buy a book as a gift.

5. Books are great source of knowledge, expressions and views which makes it so special while giving it as a gift.

6. Books are inexpensive, isn’t it? You can get lot of offers discount on some online shopping sites and now days you can opt for kindle version of books which are less costlier than normal books.

7. You can find all the books you want to shop at one place, in many cases you don’t need to just go around searching the book you want.

8. Books have lots of benefits such as it helps in nourishing emotional development. Books have power to replace the TV. Books helps in sharing the knowledge.In other words books makes us make better people.

9. Book is a lifetime gift. You can enjoy the gift whenever you want. It never goes old, out of shape, faint in color, out of technology.

10. So the last point I would like to mention very important point which is giving a book actually makes recipient think , you care for them and you have taken care for find their interest.

So books are the all time great gift idea.

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