10 general thank you Phrases for speeches, messages, and notes

Thank you , this is one of the important phrase we humans use in our life. If you receive a gift from someone, if you have won any sport event, if you are given a promotion at your job, if you are invited to a party or get together, saying thank you should definitely come out naturally. Thank you is the phrase we cant ignore in our life. These two words make huge difference in our life. These words makes relations grow, increase positivity and top of all rejuvenates you.

So I would like to share some general Thank You phrases, which can be used on notes, e-cards, emails, cards showing expressions of thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

Here is selection of some Thank You Phrases

Thank You
Thanks a lot
Thank you so much
Thanks a bunch
Can.t thank you enough
Heartfelt thanks
Special Thanks
Thanks especially to
A million thanks
Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
Thank you ever so
A big thank you to everyone .
I am so grateful for this.
A round of applause to everyone …
I truly appreciate this.

general thank you phrases for notes, speeches

Thank You Phrases for texting :
g8ful 2 u

Now lets see some thank you phrases in other languages :

Dutch : Duizendmaal dank (Thousand times thanks)
Dank u zeer (thank you very much)
dank je

German : danke, vielen dank

Hindi : dhanyawad

Norwegian : Takk

Italian : Grazie

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