10 Environment friendly gift ideas

10 Environment friendly gift ideas

Seed packets

Seed packets are also very popular environment friendly gift idea. These seed packets are available for flowers, herbs, vegetables and other types of plants. Environment friendly gift ideas

Potted herbs

Potted herbs is latest trending gift idea. As we all know the importance of herbs in our day to day life. So these potted herbs makes a great gift which is truly environment friendly gift idea . You can give basil herb plants, coriander, tulasi plant etc.

Plant a tree

There are lots of sites which takes some amount of money and plant a tree, you can choose to plant a tree by the name whom you want to gift. Now a days as people becoming environmentally-conscious, the gift of a living tree or plant makes for a perfect present. environment friendly gift ideas

Organic Apparels

Now a days lot of store offers apparels made from organic materials such as organic cotton, organic paints etc. These helps in reducing use of chemicals and help in protecting the environment. So it is a great gift idea as well.

Solar Powered Products

Now a days, we have discovered lot of things which can use solar energy, we need to use those products to use solar energy to protect the environment. Solar powered lights such as solar powered bulbs, solar powered emergency lights , solar powered night lights, solar powered garden lights can be given as gift. Also there are lots of solar powered toys available to kids such as solar helicopter, solar butterfly etc. Utility gifts such as solar powered battery charger , solar cooker also make a great gift choice.


environment friendly gift ideasThinking giving brother gift of motor cycle, turn it off and go for bicycle, which will help environment in many ways such as fuel, pollution etc.

Energy Saving Lights

Now plenty of energy saving light types available such as LED, CFL lights which you can give as a gift. Also when you are giving any electronic gift item , check energy rating stars of the product.

Reusable Shopping Bags

We always need a bag for shopping, reusable shopping bag is a great environment friendly gift idea because it minimizes the use of plastic as shopping bag.environment friendly gift ideas

Recycled Accessories

Recycled stationary , recycled pens, recycled business card holders is also a nice environment friendly gift.

Books promoting environmental awareness

There are lots of books available which promotes the environmental awareness and keep our environment pure. This will be also one of the best environment friendly gift idea.

Apart from these few things to keep in mind, first is reduce the use of paper while packing a gift, if you are planning to buy a gift voucher buy it on line as a e-gift voucher.

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  1. I love seed packets…they look so enigmatic and the pictures of plants/ flowers on it has its own charm.

  2. Bhakti says:

    Wonderful ideas that can be worked upon. Will surely try it next time while selecting gifts for friends.

  3. Indrani says:

    These are great ideas. I am glad you compiled them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. namrota says:

    I love the ideas… excellent post.. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Majaal says:

    Thanks to share. Its different idea to explain about new thought. Really nice blog. I love the last one–“books promoting environmental awareness”. Really its necessary for all.

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