10 cool gift ideas under 200 rupees

It is said that any gift which is given with good intentions is priceless. There are many occasions which occur all the year round like birthday parties, marriages, anniversaries etc. All of us desire to give a memorable gift to our loved ones on such occasions as each one of us has different feelings behind it. At the same time we look around for cheap gifts when we are tight on our budget. No matter whatever the occasion is exchanging gifts helps to strengthen relationships and bonding. We exchange gifts between family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, business associates and employees. We always look around for useful gifts rather than simply wasting our hard earned money on thing which are of no use at all. Here are some gift ideas under rs 200.

Top 10 cool gift ideas under 200 rupees are-

. Key chain-You can get varieties of attractive key chains through online and offline stores that too a reasonable prices. Gifting a key chain could be a great gift for anybody as all are fond of key chains and what could be better than somebody gifting to them.

. Ganpati Idol-Ganpati is a symbol of peace, wealth and prosperity. Everyone appreciate it keeping a Ganpati idol their homes, cars and offices as it brings good luck and good wishes.

. Greeting card & flowers-People feel really special when they receives cards and flowers. Aroma of flowers brings joy, happiness and a big smile on their faces. Gifting flowers can bring charm in your relationships.
gift ideas under 200 rupees
. Chocolates-Everyone is fond of chocolates. On any auspicious it is believed that consuming sweets brings more success ahead. Today chocolates have over ruled sweets and people love to share their happiness by sharing chocolates.

. Wooden pen stand-It can be used as a token of remembrance in homes and offices. It is a very useful gift as it is used everywhere.

. Pen-A pen gifted by you to someone can remind them of you whenever they use it. You pen can acquire its place in their pockets.

. Deodorant-It is a perfect gift for working men and women. A good deodorant is something that everyone wants to buy. A person receiving it would be really thankful to you for such a pleasant gift.

. Scrapbook-It can help to recall the old cherished memories of their past life. Getting if filled with some special people can make them feel happy. You can even get it filled by your close friends and then gift it to make your gift more special.

. Wooden photo frame-You can frame your photo in it to recall memories and make them feel special.

. Lunch box-It is the most useful gift for those who are attending offices regularly. Working people often fails to find enough time for them to visit the market and shop.

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